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UST Testing Made Easy!

Let Phoenix take the worry out of UST compliance for your fueling systems. Our state of the art technology using a patent pending app we developed that combines required checklists with photos and thorough documentation needed for underground storage tank (UST) testing. This tablet based inspection program is easy to use and reliable.

UST Testing Done Right

  • Want your results? Create a portal on our secure client website. Your inspection reports are stored and password protected. Call us at (734)449-1266 for more information and to schedule a demonstration.
  • Have multiple facilities? No Problem! Many of our clients appreciate that inspections for multiple facilities are available to review. We take care of underground storage tank testing for facilities of all sizes.
  • Want historical data? Your data is kept in one place. A history of inspections is kept for each facility location allowing you to access records for past inspections at any time.
  • Have multiple inspectors? With the Phoenix Inspection Checklist, all inspections are the same. Checklist items are designed to be easily read, while providing detailed information about the item through photographs and inspector comments.
  • Want to compare photos? Inspection photographs are time stamped and displayed together for comparison. Field inspectors can add additional comments on a checklist photo.
  • Need printed reports? It's easy to generate a printed report or save your reports as pdf files for your records. Printed are in a simple, easy to read format. You have lots of options when you have Phoenix Environment take care of your UST testing!

What are the Components of the UST Inspection?

Phoenix Environmental's Tablet Inspection App (Patent Pending)

Guided Inspection

Convenient Paperless Reporting

  • Cutting edge technology solution
  • Secure offsite storage
  • Convenient online retrieval for customers
  • Historical information comparison
  • Simplified reporting
  • Comprehensive application to ensure accurate inspection results

New Michigan Underground Storage Tank Testing Regulations as of January 2, 2013

By August 8, 2012 per MAC R 29.2107 and R 29.2108, all sites with underground storage tanks:

  • Must have a designated Class A and Class B Operator
  • Must conduct quarterly inspections for all UST facilities
  • Inspection must be conducted by a licensed operator
  • Must provide documentation regarding compliance following each inspection

Objectives by Operator

  • Class A Operator - Ensure broad knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Class B Operator - Ensure in-depth knowledge implementing regulatory requirements and facility compliance with all regulations
  • Class C Operator - If required, must know actions to take in the event of a leak or other emergency.

Trained and Certified Personnel

  • Utilize only certified personnel to conduct site inspections and ensure certifications remain current
  • Have a in-house UST Inspection Training Program
  • Work with qualified UST consultants for design, installation, upgrades and repairs when necessary